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    Subjecttime jumps

    we have a computer here, that behaves very strange, from one second to
    another the clock changes to about 1h in the future. In the next "real"
    second the time is normal again.
    Well, I first thought that is might be a X problem, but after running a loop
    over "date", it really seems that the system clock is affected. Then I
    thought it might be a conflict with the hardware clock, but after resetting
    it to the system time, the problem was still there.

    The only clock that doesn't seem to be affected is the realtime clock (at
    least not when doing a loop of cat over the proc-file).

    The problem is, that this time jumps cause the Xserver to enable its
    screensaver (and several other small problems).

    System is: Athlon 650 on VIA board with linux-2.4.17 (unpatched)

    So has anyone an idea what to do, I'm thinking about a BIOS update (but don't
    really believe that it will help). Or is it possible to patch the kernel that
    it uses the realtime clock (could anyone of you send me this patch, if it is
    possible, please??).

    Of course, I can give further information, if needed.

    Thanks in advance, Bernd
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