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SubjectRE: Re: max number of threads on a system
> > > On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:05:39 -0500, wrote:
> > > >What limits the number of threads one can have on a Linux system?
> > >
> > > Common sense, one would hope.

I have none of that ;-). No this is actually a test. The only reason I'm even looking into pthreads is portability. While this may be an excessive amount of threads if the box has he capacity then I'd want to take advantage of that for batch jobs.

> > $ ulimit -u


> /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max is the system limit. And "locks up" is odd
> unless the application is really poorly written to handle errors. Should
> time out and whine ;-)

This file shows 8192.

>Around 250 was the old limit for max user processes ( non root ), if i
>remember well.

In 2.4.17 that seems to be what I'm hitting. Actually it is 254.

How long before it times out?

thread number = 254 rc = 0

On thread 255 it does error out, however if I call exit then the program hangs.

This hangs:
if (rc > 0) { return -1;}

This hangs:
if (rc > 0) { exit(-1);}

This works:
if (rc > 0) { goto EXIT ;}

where exit is:

calls pthread_join();

It would seem that the functionality and behavior of threads on Sun is different from that of Linux.


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