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SubjectRe: Network Security hole (was -> Re: arp bug )
On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 12:31:48PM -0800, wrote:
> My general contention is that the system should, by default, behave as
> non-experts would expect, but this might be a point where we can't
> agree.
> It is, unfortunately, the cardinal rule when designing any usable
> interfaces. I reference Donald Norman's "The Design of Everyday
> Things". But I digress.

I must agree with Alan. Low level technical interfaces should
behave according to standards, and should follow a consistent logic
understood by experts in the field (even if it is difficult for the
beginner). If people try to push "usability" (and I'm as much a fan
of that book as you) onto kernel interfaces, we'll wade into a swamp
and never get out.

Such interfaces need not be exposed to ordinary users. Indeed, by
keeping the low-level layer simple and orthogonal, it becomes easier
to build multiple user-facing layers (for different purposes, or for
comparison at the same purpose). I think this principle is much
more powerful than the one you advance.

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