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SubjectRe: Network Security hole (was -> Re: arp bug )

Alan Cox <> wrote:

> > My general contention is that the system should, by default, behave as
> > non-experts would expect, but this might be a point where we can't
> > agree.
> It does 8) You plug it into the network, you select the defaults in the
> installation menu, you run mozilla and up comes a web site. Anything beyond
> that is not non-expert.


I can't say we agree here, but kudos to you for having a sense of
humor about these kind of things. It's refreshing.

> If you want to go into the innards of the routing/arp stuff you might want
> to move this to - thats the network folks list and many
> of them don't read linux-kernel.

I will, thanks much.

Erich Stefan Boleyn <>
"Reality is truly stranger than fiction; Probably why fiction is so popular"
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