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SubjectRe: VFS mediator?
>>>>> " " == Pavel Machek <> writes:

> Okay, take userland nfs-server. (This thread was about userland
> filesystems).

Yech... Nobody should be seriously considering using unfsd: it does
not even manage to follow the NFS protocol. That inability was one of
the many reasons why Olaf Kirch abandoned further develpement of unfsd
and started work on knfsd.

> Then, make memory full of dirty pages. Imagine that nfs-server
> is swapped-out by some bad luck. What you have is extremely
> nasty deadlock, AFAICS. [To free memory you have to write out
> dirty data, but you can't do that because you don't have enough
> memory for nfs-server].

So that is another argument for using knfsd rather than unfsd. I will
agree with you that NFS is not perfect, but please judge it on its
actual merits and not on some trumped up charge...

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