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SubjectRe: VFS mediator?

> >> * NFS (v2,v3): Portable. And that's the only good thing to say
> >> about it - it's stateless, it has messy semantics all over the
> >> place and implementing userland server requires a lot of glue.
> > Does not work... If you mount nfs server on localhost, you can
> > deadlock.
> Huh? Examples please? A hell of a lot of work has gone into ensuring
> that this cannot happen. I do most of my NFS client work on this sort
> of setup, so it had bloody well better work...

Okay, take userland nfs-server. (This thread was about userland

Then, make memory full of dirty pages. Imagine that nfs-server is
swapped-out by some bad luck. What you have is extremely nasty
deadlock, AFAICS. [To free memory you have to write out dirty data,
but you can't do that because you don't have enough memory for
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