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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Cleanup port 0x80 use (was: Re: IO delay ...)
> > documentation on the ISA bus which covers the timeout for acknowledging an
> > address cycle. Otherwise for tsc capable boxes I agree entirely.
> >
> The ISA bus doesn't time out; a cycle on the ISA bus just happens, and
> the fact that noone is there to listen doesn't seem to matter.

Not so simple. I found my IEEE draft 8)

The address out comes from the chipset (southbridge now days). The
sequence is

BALE high
Output address
BALE low

Wait for NOWS while watching IOCHRDY

NOWS low says - card now ready
IOCHRDY high suppresses the wait state timer count

The default timeout is 4 wait states, which is 6 bus clocks for a failure
Maybe 7 - Im not clear if the final cycle to recover and start again is
always there.

> The delay is something like 8 cycles @ 8.3 MHz or around 1 ms.

1uS ?

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