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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Cleanup port 0x80 use (was: Re: IO delay ...)
Martin Wilck wrote:
> > > +#define __SLOW_DOWN_IO_PORT 0x80
> > > +#define __SLOW_DOWN_IO "\noutb %%al,$0x80"
> >
> > You may want to change the above to:
> > #define __SLOW_DOWN_IO_ASM "\noutb %%al,$__SLOW_DOWN_IO_PORT"
> Won't work, cpp doesn't substitute between double quotes.
> (at least the one I'm using). Or am I gettimng something wrong here??

As long as __SLOW_DOWN_IO_PORT is a simple constant, you can just use
this instead:

#define __SLOW_DOWN_IO_ASM "\noutb %%al,$" #__SLOW_DOWN_IO_PORT

-- Jamie
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