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SubjectRe: UNDI/PXE for 2.4.x available?
Followup to:  <>
By author: Tobias Wollgam <>
In newsgroup:
> We want to install PCs over ethernet with PXE. For the first boot from
> net we have nothing than the network, we don't know the hardware, so an
> UNDI in the kernel would be perfect. IMHO
> > I think you'll have that problem with any UNDI driver; in either case
> > I suspect that (a) performance will stink no matter what
> That's ok for the things we will do.
> > and (b) it won't work properly with SMP unless you apply really
> > heavy locking.
> Does it matter in our case?

Probably not.

> > The PXE people at Intel really seems enamored with the idea of using
> > the UNDI stack all the way into the operating system;
> We need it not to run an operating system, we need it for the
> installation of an operating system.
> On the other hand, UNDI will deliver a network driver for all PXE-cards
> that come up before there is any direct hardware support. (Ok, then b
> matters)

In theory. In practice, from having dealt with enough PXE stacks, I
would say that it is more likely you're going to have problems getting
the UNDI drivers to work in a Linux environment than you will find
that a fully equipped kernel lacks the drivers you need, especially
since you can update the kernel on the server as needed. There has
been a shakeout in the NIC world, and aren't anywhere near as many in
use now as there was a few years ago -- and anything before then isn't
going to have PXE.

<> at work, <> in private!
"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot." <>
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