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Subjectsimple problem with sleeping/waking up

I want to implement the 2 following functions in 2.4.17 kernel:

fun1(struct sock *sk)
while (some_pointer == NULL) {
/* do nothing */

fun2(struct sock *sk)
/* some event occured -- data vailable */
some_pointer == something;

I am doing it in networking stack (not a module) to implement accept(fun1)
function. fun2 is supposed to be my main receiving function, which should
wake accept up after receiving some data.
So far I tried this:
accept(struct sock sk*)
DECLARE_WAITQUEUE(wait, current);
current->state = TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE;
while (1) {
schedule_timeout(timeo); /* process sleeps after that */
if (some_pointer != NULL) {
current->state = TASK_RUNNING;
remove_wait_queue(sk->sleep, &wait);

receive(struct sock sk*)
/* after getting the data */A
some_pointer = sk;
wake_up_interruptible(sk->sleep); /* this hangs my machine :-(*/

Please help, it'll be so greatly appreciated, since I've spent almost a
week trying to do that...

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