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SubjectRe: ISO9660 bug and loopback driver bug
Can you try a file between 2^31 and 2^32-1, inclusive?  Maybe it's a
sign-related bug in the loopback driver, not a 64 bit I/O bug.

The file I tried to mount is this on an NTFS partition:

12/10/2001 20:13 3,522,562,048 dvd.iso

"losetup" fails too, meaning it's the loopback driver (and possibly the NTFS
driver) that is glitching, not the ISO driver.

Maybe trying to mount *anything* from an NTFS driver doesn't work? I'll
have to check that possibility too...

-- Barubary

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From: "Rainer Ellinger" <>
To: "Barubary" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: ISO9660 bug and loopback driver bug

> Barubary wrote:
> > Now the loopback bug. Files whose size is greater than 2^31-1 don't
> > with the loopback driver.
> Can't reproduce. I can mount 4.7GB DVD-Images and i'm currently working
with an 48GB File mounted via loop, and a 100GB partition
> mounted via loop. I'm using loop-AES encryption patch with 2.4.17/18-rc4.
I'm not aware if there's a fix in this patch. afaik it
> should also work with vanilla loop.c.
> --

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