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SubjectRe: ISO9660 bug and loopback driver bug
On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 12:37, Barubary wrote:
> First, the ISO9660 bug. The ISO file system driver in Linux doesn't handle
> leap years correctly. It assumes all years divisible by 4 are leap years,
> which is incorrect. For those that don't know the right algorithm, all
> years that (are divisible by 4) and ((not divisible by 100), or (divisible
> by 400)) are leap years. ISO file dates on or after March 1, 2100 will be 1
> day off when viewed under Linux as a result. The bug is in fs/isofs/util.c,
> function iso_date(). This is a very low priority bug, because a) nobody
> cares about ISO file date accuracy including me; and b) it shouldn't matter
> until 2100. Anyone bored enough to fix this? :) I guess I could do it...

I'll fix it. I'm still learning about the kernel, and fixing small bugs
is a good way to learn - and this one is on a scale I can handle. :-)

I'll look at it tonight and mail a patch to lkml as soon as the work is

> Now the loopback bug. Files whose size is greater than 2^31-1 don't work
> with the loopback driver. It fails with strange errors, like "device not
> found". This bug prevents DVD-ROM .iso files from being mounted as either
> UDF or ISO file systems - the particular use I encountered it with. It's a
> bit higher of a priority than the ISO9660 date bug, because it prevents
> useful features from working. Still not too important though.

I'll give this one a shot as well, but I'm not yet sure I'm up to it -
will have to look at the code first. :)

Mvh. / Best regards
Jesper Juhl -

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