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    SubjectRe: [TEST] page tables filling non-highmem
    On February 18, 2002 02:38 am, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 09:59:45AM +0100, Daniel Phillips wrote:
    > > On February 15, 2002 05:51 am, William Lee Irwin III wrote:
    > > > The following testcase brought down 2.4.17 mainline on an
    > > > 8-way P-III 700MHz machine with 12GB of RAM. The last thing
    > > > logged from it was a LowFree of 2MB with 9GB of highmem free
    > > > after something like 6-8 hours of pounding away, at which
    > > > time the machine stopped responding (IIRC it was given ~12
    > > > hours to echo another character).
    > > >
    > > > This testcase is a blatant attempt to fill the direct-mapped
    > > > portion of the kernel virtual address space with process pagetables.
    > > > It was suspected such a thing was happening in another failure scenario
    > > > which is what motivated me to devise this testcase. I believe a fix
    > > > already exists (i.e. aa's ptes in highmem stuff) though I've not yet
    > > > verified its correct operation here.
    > >
    > > As you described it to me on irc, this demonstration turns up a
    > > considerably worse problem than just having insufficient space for
    > > page tables - the system locks up hard instead of doing anything
    > > reasonable on page table-related oom. It's wrong that the system
    > > should behave this way, it is after all, just an oom.
    > >
    > > Now that basic stability issues seem to be under control, perhaps
    > > it's time to give the oom problem the attention it deserves?
    > My tree doesn't lock up hard even without pte-highmem applied. The task
    > gets killed.

    Well, the obvious question is: Why Isn't It In Mainline???

    > backout pte-highmem, try the same testcase again on my tree
    > and you'll see. The oom handling in mainline is deadlock prone, I always
    > known this and that's why I always rejected it. Nobody but me
    > acklowledged this problem

    Lots of people acknowleged it, it seems just one guy fixed it.

    > and I spent quite an amount of time convincing
    > mainline maintainers about those deadlock flaws of the mainline approch
    > but I failed so I giveup waiting for a report like this, just like with
    > all the other stuff that is now in my vm patch, 90% of it I tried to
    > push it separately into mainline before having to accumulate it.

    What I'd suggest is, just post a list of each item outstanding item that
    haven't been pushed to mainline, and an explanation of which problem it

    Incorrect oom accounting has been a bleeding wound for well over a year,
    and if you've got a fix that's provably correct...

    Marcelo?? Is this just a stupid communication problem?

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