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SubjectRe: IDE cleanup for 2.5.4-pre3
On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 09:06:52AM +0100, Martin Dalecki wrote:

> It seems bigger as it is at first glance, however if you start to read
> it at ide.h, the rest should
> be, well, obivous...
> Anyway please let me explain some bits: the end_request() function familiy
> (not the global one, but the IDE specific ones), did bear a permuted
> parameter ordering.
> After fixing this it turned out that at all places the huk parameter
> wasn't the
> hwgroup, but just the drive in question itself. I have changed this to
> be more sane, which allowed to remove many unneccessary code duplication,
> or rather obfuscation, in between the __ide_end_request() and
> ide_end_request() functions.
> This simplification is actually the "spreading" part of the game.

Yes, this is very nice.

> In a next step rather as much as possible should be moved from beeing
> hooked on
> the disk to be hooked on the request itself - which seems more natural
> and would make
> the overall code treamlined with other similar driver mid-layers (SCSI
> comes to mind).
> In a third step one should take care to remove the excessive usage of
> single linked
> lists inside the ide driver, where possible and make it be handled the
> same way like
> in SCSI and elsewere in the kernel... The overall perspecive is to make
> as much as possible
> common between all block device handlers no matter whatever SCSI/IDE/I2O
> or FW or iSCSI.
> I have taken as much care as possible to not break anything. In esp. it
> all has ben tested
> in life on my home system with L120 (aka ide-floppy), an CD-RW, and two
> disks.
> The only blind fly is ide-tape... but the patch can be easly verifyed
> for correctness by reading
> through it.
> PS. I have killed deliberately some one-shoot functions as well, since
> those where only
> obscuring the overall code structure even more....

And these steps also sound very good to me.

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs
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