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SubjectRe: tux officially in kernel?
Ken Brownfield wrote:
> The problem with X15 is that it's unavailable. I've tried for months
> and months to get someone at that company to respond or get a copy to
> try. Also, is it GPL? Free?

I have a copy -- they sent one to me readily back when it was new --
but it's not open source, so I can't share it.
It's not a huge program; the whole thing is 5000 lines of C.
It uses the rtsignal method of readiness notification.

IMHO anyone writing a similar user-space server these days should start
with a clean encapsulation of the readiness notification code, e.g. .
The performance would be similar, the code would be
a lot cleaner, and it'd be a heck of a lot more portable.

> As for TUX, I would certainly prefer user-space if it was indeed as fast
> in all cases. But I don't think X15 is really a factor in TUX's
> inclusion. I'd say replacing khttpd with TUX2 is a no-brainer unless
> X15's performance has been proven and it's GPL. And while khttpd is an
> interesting example, it really rocks at small image serving. I've had
> it in production since 2.4.0-test1.

Point taken. One of my friends uses khttpd in production, too.

Somebody needs to come up with a nice GPL'd userspace replacement
for khttpd. (Or does one already exist? I haven't been following things
too closely...)

- Dan
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