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SubjectRE: randomness - compaq smart array driver
timo ( wrote:

> I have a question concerning /dev/random on proliant servers with
> smart array controllers.
> A month ago i tried to install freeswan on a proliant dl360 box,
> running redhat 6.2 on a smart array controller.
> There are no disks hanging at the scsi controller only the
> two disks at the smart array controller channel. Kernel is 2.4.14 .

As it happens, we just sent this patch to Jens on Friday,
I tried it and meant it for 2.5.4-pre2 and -pre3. I
think it ought to be good for 2.4.x as well though.

-- steve

diff -urN lx254p2-c3/drivers/block/cciss.c lx254p2-c4/drivers/block/cciss.c
--- lx254p2-c3/drivers/block/cciss.c Thu Feb 7 14:35:31 2002
+++ lx254p2-c4/drivers/block/cciss.c Thu Feb 7 14:50:43 2002
@@ -2467,7 +2467,8 @@
/* make sure the board interrupts are off */
hba[i]->access.set_intr_mask(hba[i], CCISS_INTR_OFF);
if( request_irq(hba[i]->intr, do_cciss_intr,
- SA_INTERRUPT|SA_SHIRQ, hba[i]->devname, hba[i]))
+ hba[i]->devname, hba[i]))
printk(KERN_ERR "ciss: Unable to get irq %d for %s\n",
hba[i]->intr, hba[i]->devname);
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