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    SubjectJiffies from userspace

    Sorry if this question seems stupid, but would this be a
    reasonable way to get an estimate of the "current" value of the
    kernel's jiffies:

    set -- `cat /proc/self/stat`; echo ${22}

    ... my reasoning:

    The cat will start a new process, field 22? of its "stat" node
    under proc should have the jiffies value at the time the process
    was started; so the echo command execute "shortly" thereafter.

    But am I right about the struct of stat: Is that really in ${22}?

    (I'm not actually planning on using this technique, it's just a
    curiosity. The only practical use I can see for it might be for
    doing a sanity check on gettime; checking this for an increasing
    value has a hedge against settime discontinuities).

    knfsd: follow symlinks?

    Also, an unrelated question: is there a way to get the knfsd to
    resolve symlinks on the server side? (Basically to configure it
    such that it doesn't present symlinks on the underlying fs as
    symlinks to the client --- but rather it internally follows them,
    and presents the target link/inode data to network clients). ISTR
    that the older user nfsd used to have some option like that.
    (I realize this second question would be better posed as a separate
    message; oh well).

    Jim Dennis
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