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Subjectbug in ext3 htree rename: doesn't delete old name, leaves ino with bad nlink
I've isolated the problem to rename not removing the old name under some
circumstances, leaving two names for a file with an nlink of 1. This
will reliably reproduce the problem for me, under 2.4.19-ac4 and 2.4.19
(stock) w/ patch-ext3-dxdir-2.4.19-4.

Generate a new filesystem: this will create htree-bug.fs
$ sh genfs

# mkdir m
# mount -o loop htree-bug.fs m

$ gcc -o tickle tickle.c
$ ./tickle m/test
*** rename("drivers/scsi/psi240i.h", "drivers/scsi/psi240i.h.orig") failure:
stating drivers/scsi/psi240i.h
stating drivers/scsi/psi240i.h.orig
*** rename("drivers/scsi/sun3_scsi.h", "drivers/scsi/sun3_scsi.h.orig") failure:
stating drivers/scsi/sun3_scsi.h
stating drivers/scsi/sun3_scsi.h.orig

# umount m

$ e2fsck -f htree-bug.fs
e2fsck 1.30-WIP (30-Sep-2002)
Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes
Pass 2: Checking directory structure
Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity
Pass 4: Checking reference counts
Inode 294 ref count is 1, should be 2. Fix<y>? yes

Inode 350 ref count is 1, should be 2. Fix<y>? yes

Pass 5: Checking group summary information

htree-bug.fs: ***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *****
htree-bug.fs: 541/10240 files (0.2% non-contiguous), 1369/10240 blocks
exit status 1
$ debugfs htree-bug.fs
debugfs 1.30-WIP (30-Sep-2002)
debugfs: ncheck 294
Inode Pathname
294 /test/drivers/scsi/psi240i.h
debugfs: ncheck 350
Inode Pathname
350 /test/drivers/scsi/sun3_scsi.h

I've put all the bits needed to reproduce the bug (genfs, tickle) at


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