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    Subject[CHECKER] 16 more potential buffer overruns in 2.5.48

    In the four fs/cifs/smbdes.c (which is based on a similar password hash in
    Samba) hits from your tool the code is a little strange looking but does
    not have a buffer overrun. Apparently the tool is not checking the maximum
    size of the index since although the s_box array is only 256 bytes in size,
    the array index is an unsigned char and can not go beyond 255 and overrun
    the array. As long as unsigned char can never go above 255 the code should
    work. It might have be more readable if it were defined as a __u8
    instead of an unsigned char.


    Steve French
    Senior Software Engineer
    Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
    phone: 512-838-2294

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