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SubjectRe: New BK License Problem?
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>Linus used to do about a patch every 2 days. Nowdays its a lot slower. I
>put that down to buttkeeper

Don't be silly, Alan.

I don't do any pre-patches or daily patches any more, because it's all
automated. There are several snapshot bots that give you patches a lot
more often than "every 2 days". You don't need BK to use it, it's there
in the good old diff format.

(I haven't checked whether the auto-patches do a good job of doing
changelogs too, but since all the changelogs I generate for the _real_
releases are also automated and I make the tools I use to generate them
available, that's certainly not anything fundamental).

So yes, you can "put it down to bitkeeper" in the sense that it's
because of the automation that BK allows that I don't _need_ to
personally do pre-patches any more.

"Big boo-hoo, bitkeeper is evil, and Linus doesn't manually do any more
what BK plus a few scripts does better for us automatically."

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