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SubjectRe: PATCH 2.5.2-pre9 scsi cleanup
Martin Dalecki <>

> The attached patch does the following.
> 1. Clean up some ifdef confusion in do_mount
> 2. Clean up the scsi code to make ppa.c work.
> 3. Clean up some unneccessary unneeded globals from scsi code.
> 4. Make a bit more sure, that the minor() and friends end up in
> unsigned int's.


Please don't post a omnibus SCSI subsystem patch like this.

Most of the code you are changing is actively maintained.
For example:
- scsi mid-level + sr [Jens Axboe]
- ppa [Tim Waugh]
- sg [me]

Some of us have grown attached to the way 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi'
looks. More importantly, many distributions have scripts that
parse it. GOTO Masanori's <> suggestion of
of an exported scsi_device_types() seems a better option.
Also there are 32 SCSI device types (0 to 31) and perhaps
the "unknown"s and those that are missing could be replaced
by scsi_dev_<n> .

Also there is an appropriate newsgroup for this sort of
proposal and it is called:

Doug Gilbert
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