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SubjectRe: qlogic driver , 1Tbyte hard error
> The maximum supported file system size under Linux 2.4 is just under 1Tb.
> The scsi layer gets slightly confused a bit earlier with its printk messages
Is there any particular (that is, technical) reason for this? A few months
ago I hit this problem while building a RAID system for our group. We wanted
to do software RAID-0 over three hardware RAID-5 arrays (2 by 375G and one
525G) and the kernel (2.4.6) had a hissy fit.

Given the relatively low cost of disk space ($5000/terabyte and on up, see, is this something that will be supported
in the future?

If you point me in the right direction I'd be willing to look at this issue.


Eric H. Weigle CCS-1, RADIANT team Los Alamos National Lab
(505) 665-4937
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