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SubjectRe: 2.4.10pre11 vm rewrite fixes for mainline inclusion and testing

With this patch against -pre12 the BUG()s in shrink_cache()
go away.

--- linux-2.4.10-pre12/mm/vmscan.c Wed Sep 19 20:47:21 2001
+++ linux-akpm/mm/vmscan.c Wed Sep 19 22:49:48 2001
@@ -435,15 +435,20 @@ static int shrink_cache(struct list_head

if (try_to_free_buffers(page, gfp_mask)) {
if (!page->mapping) {
- UnlockPage(page);
* Account we successfully freed a page
* of buffer cache.

+ /*
+ * We must not allow an anon page
+ * with no buffers to be visible on
+ * the LRU, so we unlock the page after
+ * taking the lru lock
+ */
+ UnlockPage(page);

/* effectively free the page here */

With this patch applied I've had three total system lockups with
the usual workload. No diagnostics, no interrupts, NMI watchdog
doesn't catch it. Nice. This is not related to networking; I
wasn't able to do much network stress testing because the
darn APIC bug kept biting me. Grumble.

I'll try -pre9.
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