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SubjectRe: Website with hardware tech. specs ?
I would love to see this.


Thomas Langås wrote:
> Hi!
> Today, there's no "one place" where you can get tech. specs, and a lot of
> companies hesitates to even put them online. Needless to say, this is a
> problem when you want to write drivers, and/or fix drivers.
> What I'm thinking of, is creating a website, where the hardware creators can
> supply details; upload tech. specs, write contact info, etc. And, developers
> can browse this database. I was thinking of a solution where the hardware
> creators could choose weither or not they wanted to make tech. specs.
> public, and if they didn't a developer needed to tell the manufacturer that
> he was interessted, and then the manufacturer could give needed access to
> specs, and if nescesseray send the needed hardware to write a driver.
> Is this a silly idea? Do you think anyone will use such a site? My idea
> was to centralize tech. specs, to make it easier to browse them.
> --
> Thomas
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