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Subject[patch] PCI64 + block zero-bounce highmem v11

Uploaded a new version. Changes since block-highmem-all-10:

- Merge pci64-1 from davem (me)
- Merge pci64-2 from davem (me)
- printk type warning on x86 when HIGHMEM wasn't enabled (me)
- Better comment asm-i386/scatterlist.h
- Add single_segment/highmem comment in scsi_merge (me)
- Include Mark Hemment's no __save_flags/__cli in read bounce
- Convert cciss to pci64 interface (me)

HIGHMEM I/O capable hardware now includes:

- IDE (DMA, PIO will revert to bounce) Basically all low level drivers
- aic7xxx (new)
- qlogicfc (64-bit too)
- sym53c8xx (64-bit too)
- megaraid
- cpqarray
- cciss (64-bit too)

SCSI drivers are typically easy to convert to support < 4GB I/O, usually
just the can_dma_32 flag needs to be added. Some need a bit more work,
like IPS. Look for references to virt_to_bus on the scatterlist
->address and/or bh->b_data to find obvious highmem breakage. For 64-bit
PCI DMA, take a look at David's modifications to sym53c8xx as a good

I'll include I2O highmem support in the next release -- haven't started
it yet, but it should be a breeze.

DAC960 would be nice to have as well. Leonard, we talked about
converting it to the pci dma interface some time ago -- did you make
progress on that?


Jens Axboe

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