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SubjectRe: Your ext2 optimisation for readdir+stat

> The patch won't work for the 2.2 kernels or 2.4 ext3, since it
> requires that the directories-in-page-cache change. It's
> theoretically possible to rewrite the change for the old-style
> ext2/3_find_entry code, but (a) the ext2_find_entry() function before
> it was modified to use the page cache is rather icky, and (b) I don't
> particularly care about 2.2 at this point.
> The only reason why I might try to do this work is if we really want
> this optimization in ext3 before we add support for putting
> directories in the page cache (which isn't going to happen before the
> ext3 1.0 release), but as I said, it would require messing with a
> complicated bit of code, and it's not high on my priority list at the
> moment.

I think it would be great to have this for ext3. Andrew Morton has done
a lot of work to make ext3 very usable for MTA applications.
Postfix/qmail use 'find' either in their control script or whilst
providing queue statistics. Your optimisations would greatly speed these
operations up. I believe tarring directory trees might also get a
speedup and maybe cvs operations

Regards, Yusuf

Yusuf Goolamabbas
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