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SubjectAGP support locks X - was Re: sony vaio, crude workaround
This solved the problem.  Apparently AGP has to be built as a module
in kernels v2.4.8 or X will lock up? Anyone else experience this?

> I'm not sure that this is the problem you are having,
> but I had a problem with X when I was playing with the
> ACPI stuff and recompiling the kernel on my vaio. Try
> setting CONFIG_AGP=m (i.e. make AGP support a module,
> as opposed to being compiled in-kernel.) if it isn't.
> Once I did that, X started up just fine. Good luck.
> Dave

Dave Morgan <> writes:
> >> I tried this and it doesn't disable the console.
> The /proc/acpi
> >> represents the correct power status. When I tried
> to
> >> start up X the following error occurs:
> >>
> >> I810 Dma Initialization Failed
> >> XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer)
> >on X server
> >":0.0"
> >> after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0
> >events remaining.
> >>
> >> So the work around must break something else?
> >Follup:
> >This isn't because of the ACPI code. It's something
> >that happens in
> >my 2.4.8 kernel wo ACPI compiled in. This behavior
> is >not shown with
> >the 2.2.16 kernel.
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