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SubjectOff for a week, linux-2.4.9...

I'm off to Finland for a week+, and will not be reading email or checking
the newsgroups during that time. I've put up a 2.4.9 kernel on, and would suggest that people try it out and discuss it on
the mailing lists, but NOT email me. I'll be interested to hear about
problems when I return, but I don't have a big hankering to have thousands
of messages waiting for me.

Also, I've been getting a _lot_ of patches, and if yours didn't show up
it's because I got too many. Never fear, there's always tomorrow. Except
in this case it's "in a week or two".

Changelog appended.


- David Miller: sparc updates, FAT fs fixes, btaudio build fix
- David Gibson: Orinoco driver update
- Kevin Fleming: more disks the HPT controller doesn't like
- David Miller: "min()/max()" cleanups. Understands signs and sizes.
- Jens Axboe: CD updates
- Trond Myklebust: save away NFS credentials in inode, so that mmap can
- Mark Hemment: HIGHMEM ops cleanups
- Jes Sorensen: use "unsigned long" for flags in various drivers

- Tim Hockin: NatSemi ethernet update
- Kurt Garloff: make PS/2 mouse reconnect adjustable like 2.2.x
- Daniel Phillips: unlazy use-once
- David Miller: undo poll() limit braindamage
- me: make return value from do_try_to_free_pages() meaningful

- Patrick Mochel: fix PCI:PCI bridge 64-bit memory type detection
- me: more forgotten nfsd off_t -> loff_t
- Alan Cox: ide driver merge
- Eric Lammerts, Rik van Riel: when oom, kill all threads.
- Ben LaHaise: use down_read, not down_write() in map_user_kiobuf.
We don't change the mappings, we just read them.
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
- Roland Fehrenbacher: sparse lun check
- Tim Waugh: handle awkward Titan parallel/serial port cards
- Stephen Rothwell: APM updates
- Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS updates

- me: fix forgotten nfsd usage of filldir off_t -> loff_t change
- Alan Cox: more driver merges

- Rui Sousa: emu10k1 module fixes, remove joystick part.
- Alan Cox: driver merges
- Andrea Arkangeli: alpha updates
- David Woodhouse: up_and_exit -> complete_and_exit
- David Miller: sparc and network update
- Andrew Morton: update 3c59x driver
- Neil Brown: NFS export VFAT, knfsd cleanups, raid fixes
- Ben Collins: ieee1394 updates
- Paul Mackerras: PPC update
- me: make sure we don't lose position bits in "filldir()"

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