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SubjectRe: installing .01
tristan writes:

> I want to install the linux kernel 0.01 on my 386 machine, and im
> lost on how to do it.

Go up a few versions, to 0.02 maybe, if you have any hopes of
running a compiler on this system. You will need at least 4 MB of
RAM for compiling, since the early kernels didn't support swap.

Minix-386 is a hacked up Minix. Minix is an educational OS for
the 8088 that was just recently made free. There once was a
collection of patches that would add 386 feature support.
So you could get Minix running, patch it, then build Linux.

Try this:

The Minix filesystem can be 64 MB at most. Make a partition for
that, one for swap, and one for a newer Linux distribution.
This pre-Slackware thing would be a good choice:

Um, you really don't want to be building gcc on a 386.
You might have to build intermediate versions, since the
old gcc might not compile with the most recent gcc.
Perhaps you have or can borrow a modern machine for builds.

Finding the extras, like libc and a shell, will be hard.

You might need a boot loader called "shoelace". You should
be able to run this from LILO.

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