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Subjectinstalling .01

i just recently joined this mailing list because i need help.
And Linus suggested i join the kernel mailing list, and quote
his email to me as a starting point.
I want to install the linux kernel 0.01 on my 386 machine, and im
lost on how to do it.
I am 16 and only worked with linux for the last two years.
I see running .01 on my 386 as a learning experience into
the depths of the machine, and how to use assembly and work on
OSs. So i need some help here is what Linus told me:

> i would like to run linux on it. Im sure there are old distios i could find
> to install on the machine but i would have much more fun learning about
> the OS by install the .01 version of the kernel on the system, deleteing
> DOS and Windows 3.1 which are currently stinking up the computer.
> The problem is im not sure how to do this, and i cant find any documentation
> on installing a linux kernel unless i already have linux running.

Well, historically in order to be able to install the 0.01 kernel, you had
to have a full minix-386 distribution - that was the only way to make the
filesystem, and to copy the necessary files over etc.

And quite frankly, it's been ten years for me too, so I don't remember all
the details.

You probably don't have access to minix-386 anyway, so I suspect that
what you _should_ do is try to use a newer version of Linux to bootstrap
with. You need a really old compiler to compile Linux-0.01 with - I think
it needs gcc-1.40 or similar. It simply won't compile with newer

All in all, yes, it can be done. I haven't done it personally in ten
years, and never hosted from Linux, though. I suspect your best option
would be to try to get a discussion going on how to do all this on the
kernel mailing list or similar, feel free to quote this email as a
starting point.


I hope some one on this list can help me. If anyone has any
information of helpfulness i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Tristan Sloughter
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