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    SubjectRe: tasklets in 2.4.6
    Ville Nummela <> writes:

    > Jeff Garzik <> writes:
    > > As I hacked around to fix this, I noticed Andrea's ksoftirq patch
    > > already fixed this. So, I decided to look over his patch instead.
    > I tried that patch too, but with not so good results: The code LOOKS good to
    > mee too, but for some reason it still seems to stuck in looping the tasklet
    > code only. btw. I'm trying this on PPC, it might have something to do with
    > that.. :)

    Stupid is stupid does.. I had used Adreas patch for a wrong kernel version,
    and therefore the patch hadn't quite succeeded. The right patch works well
    on the PPC too :-)

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