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Subject[was: Re: Maintainers master list]
Wed Jun 27 2001 - 10:12:18 EST,  Jes Sorensen said:

> A good place to start would be to write a script that checks the email
> addresses listed in there for bounces say every 6 months (not too
> often or people will get grumphy). Oh and maybe include the data about
> the person so he/she can verify it's ok, maybe this way we can get
> forget this meta-data sillyness.

OK, but what about those people who have two addresses listed in the
mainainers-file? Do they have to answer those autogenerated mails twice?
A sollution to this may be that we only allow one address per entry, but I
think that some people will object to this.

And what should we do if the mail bounces? Should we remove the entry, or
should we try to contact the (former) maintainer? I think this would be
difficult, because we can't reach them by mail any more...

Marc Brekoo

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