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SubjectStallion EasyIO and devfs
I've got a stallion EasyIO PCI 4 port card running on kernel 2.4.4.
Loading the stallion.o module does not seem to create the proper device files
for me using devfs.

Upon loading the module I get the following devices created:


I don't get /dev/ttyE0 through /dev/ttyE3 or /dev/ttyE/0 through
/dev/ttyE/3, which is what I believe should be happening.

I can make the devices using the mkdevnods script from the ata 5.5.0
stallion driver package, and sure enough ttyE0 through ttyE3 work as
expected. I can setup the devices at boot so I'm not dead in the water
with it.

Heres the output from /proc/pci regarding the card:
Bus 0, device 20, function 0:
Communication controller: Stallion Technologies, Inc. EasyIO (rev 1).
IRQ 9.
I/O at 0xf480 [0xf4ff].
I/O at 0xf800 [0xf87f].

I'm using devfsd 1.3.11 on an up to date debian sid machine.


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