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SubjectRe: __KERNEL__ removal
>Jeff Garzik
>If there -must- be parts of the kernel that are visible to userspace,
>yes, we should separate them and make that separation obvious. I would
>not call our current setup obvious :)

There are. -must-. Plan 9 minimizes them. It ain't POSIX, I'm guessing,
never having seen a POSIX in real life myself. I do happen to have K&R2
right here though. Hmmm, unistd.h is not in the 89 spec. Well of course
not. It's not C. You need need need that (which is why I did libsys.a),
and I think Plan 9 has a thing that lays out calling conventions for
syscalls, and some other things about the local CPU. Actually, Plan 9 lays
out lots of CPUs, being heterogenously distributed. That's where I get
dizzy, and start to wax unix-traditional. With all my twisted antics, I've
never cross-compiled anything. You also need ioctls for userland probably,
which Plan 9 either doesn't have or they actually figured out how to hide

There's also a level below unistd.h maybe. A libcpu or something. Dono.

Rick Hohensee
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