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Subjectbridge and netfilter

Hi everyone. What's the current status of the kernel bridging
code with respect to netfilter stack? We want to put a transparent
firewall working. So we need to apply netfilter rules to the packets
between two interfaces in the same bridge group.

We've looked into the bridge-utils web pages, they mention a
kernel patch to make bridged packets to through the netfilter stack,
but the last patch update is for kernel 2.2.x.

Does the current 2.4.x kernels include netfiltering bridged
packets? I just saw some references to netfilter in the bridge code, I
was wondering what they actually do...


PS: I did some experimentation with openbsd, and the fact is
they do support packet filtering over bridged packets, seamlessly
integrated into the whole operating system. Very neat indeed...

PPS: Our dilemma is this: we have openbsd that filters bridged
packets but does not provide (AFAIK) sophisticated queuing policies,
and we have linux that does it (iproute2) but does not filter bridged
packets... :-\


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*** Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
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