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SubjectRe: Switching Kernels without Rebooting?
> > I've just suspended to disk after the list line, pulled the power
> supplies,
> > taken the RAM chip out, shorted the pins to make really sure, then
> powered
> > back up.
> FYI: Taking the memory module out and shorting its pins together is a
> great way to unnecessarily risk zapping your RAM with ESD, and a
> terrible way to ensure that its contents are erased. When the DRAM is
> not being accessed (by definition true when you remove power), the gate
> capacitors that form the DRAM array are floating unconnected and cannot
> be intentionally discharged. You just have to wait for good old leakage
> to kill the bits. A minute should be more than enough.

I know, I observed antistatic precautions, and did wait a couple of minutes
(while making a coffe).
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