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SubjectRE: FW: UPDATE: Linux SLOW on Compaq Armada 110 PIII Speedstep
Its a Trident Cyberblade; here is what X reports:

(II) TRIDENT: driver for Trident chipsets: tvga8900d, cyber9320, cyber9388,
cyber9397, cyber9397dvd, cyber9520, cyber9525dvd, cyberblade/e4,
tgui9420dgi, tgui9440agi, tgui9660, tgui9680, providia9682,
providia9685, cyber9382, cyber9385, 3dimage975, 3dimage985, blade3d,
cyberbladei7, cyberbladei7d, cyberbladei1, cyberbladei1d,
cyberbladeAi1, cyberbladeAi1d, cyberbladeXP, cyberbladeXPm
(--) Assigning device section with no busID to primary device
(--) Chipset cyberbladei1d found
(--) TRIDENT(0): Found CyberBlade/DSTN/i1 chip
(--) TRIDENT(0): RAM type is SDRAM
(**) TRIDENT(0): VideoRAM: 4096 kByte


> What is the card? Are they still using the SiS 530? I have a
> Presario, with

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