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Subject[PATCH] Hotplug PCI driver for 2.4.7-pre6
Here's another release of the Compaq/Intel Hotplug PCI driver.
It's available at:
and is against 2.4.7-pre6, but applies with a bit of fuzz on 2.4.6.

Changes since last release:
- forward ported to 2.4.7-pre6
- lots better error handling on startup if things don't go quite
- Cleared up the printk message that everyone sees about the bus
- fixed the MOD_* handling (is not needed now.)
- made debug messages a module parameter, instead of compile
time option.
- removed all direct addressing of PCI mmio space. Now uses
proper indirection functions, which will make other platforms
- ioctl call now requires CAP_SYS_RAWIO privileges (can't shut
down cards as a normal user anymore.)
- removed most of the NT like error codes.
- no longer sit and spin in a udelay() call for huge amounts of

There's a changelog available on the web page if you want some more

Things left to do:
- remove pci_access_config call and replace it with native
kernel call.
- remove more global symbols
- incorporate native list types
- look into removing some of the native PCI bus probing logic to
use the kernel provided functions where possible.
- add support for other archs (ia64)


greg k-h
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