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Subject2.4.6 pre1 and 2.4.5 CONFIG_IP_NF_COMPAT_IPCHAINS missing?
I know somewhere there is a menuconfig item corresponding to
CONFIG_IP_NF_COMPAT_IPCHAINS, and that selecting various other iptables
options can make this item disappear and no longer be selectable. But I
have fished all over, have set config to give devel and incomplete
items, tried turning on or off anything possibly related to iptables,
and cannot find this item in the make menuconfig. It still exists in
Documentation/, so I assume this has not yet been removed
from available kernel compile options. I've been searching for the means
to interactively select this item, with no luck. Can anyone tell me if
ipchains compatibility has been removed from current config options? If
not, how it can be selected, or if it is broken?

D. Stimits,
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