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SubjectRe: ide retry on 2.4.5-ac7
On Mon, Jun 04 2001, PROFETA Mickael wrote:
> Hi
> Since my first try on 2.4 kernel, I had trouble with DMA when I
> select activate on boot time because it selects udma4, whereas
> my HD is only able to do udma2. I correct that with hdparm, but
> I was quite happy of the patch in ac4 whixh detect ide lost
> interrupt and retry with a value lower of dma. But it seems
> that this patch does not work anymore in ac7?? I can not see in
> the changelog that you come back or made other change in ide??
> Should it work in the same way or not?
> My hardware: via 686a of course, with Athlon 500 on a k7m MB

It worked sucessfully for you in 2.4.5-ac4 but not in -ac7? I can't see
any changes to the patch, so more details on the nature of the problem
would be helpful.

Jens Axboe
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