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Subject2.4.5(-ac*] still broken NFS/Reiserfs
I've got two machines here running 2.4.5-ac6 with Chris Mason's posted 2.4.5
Reiserfs/knfsd patch, plus the small 2.4.5 NFS client patch posted last week
as well. Even with all of this, I still have NFS weirdness.

From the client, I can mount and read pretty much anything I like from the
server. I can create files in existing directories on the server. I can
create new directories on the server. I _cannot_, however, create anything
in a directory I created from the client (I get "file/directory does not
exist" errors). I have also seen one case where the client's directory
listing for a directory at the root of an export point did not match the
server's listing until I unmounted and remounted the NFS mount.

Most of the time, this problem does not occur. It's very intermittent. I can
boot up my client, and it will work fine for 24 hours, or it will fail in
five minutes. Once it fails, an unmount/remount seems to cure it.

There is still major weirdness going on here, and I'm hesitant to try unfsd
unless someone can say that it works reliably... I do need to find a
solution to this though, and am willing to help in whatever way I can.

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