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Subjectqlogicfc driver
Judging from recent messages on linux-kernel and from the code which is
currently in 2.4.x the qlogicfc driver needs to be updated a bit. I have
done some amount of work on this driver and have sent patches to
Chris in the past, however I did not receive any comments on my changes.
It looks like Chris is too busy with other things right now, and I will
gladly maintain the driver if there is a consensus that the driver needs
a new maintainer. Meanwhile I am cleaning up driver for 2.4.4
(not tested with 2.4.5 yet, but probably will work). I'll publish those
changes if there will be any interest. It is a drop-in replacement for
the five files in drivers/scsi/ (qlogicfc.c, qlogicfc.h, qlogicfc_inc.h,
qlogicfc_asm_ip.c and qlogicfc_asm.c). This contains updated (both with
and without ip support) firmware and many bugfixes. I decided not to
provide a patch because it is bigger then just those five files combind.
I have splitted up driver body into .h-file with types&defines and
driver itself (as it should be). But this is negotiable.

Dmitry Meshchaninov
software engineer
DataFoundation Inc

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