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SubjectRE: The latest Microsoft FUD. This time from BillG, himself.

>I still have my 3.1 package all boxed up in the basement. I remember
>impatiently waiting for its arrival. What a disappointment it turned
>out to be.

To say the least. The big thing in the current Windows OS's these days is
FAT 32.
NT 3.1 and NT 3.5 won't even acknowledge this file system. And the ATAPI.SYS
file they used is a joke. The first thing you need to do when you install NT is
to install a new ATAPI.SYS that would at least see all your partitions.
Windows 2000 is far better in this respect, but it's a bloated pig. And I
won't even
talk about XP. Minimum memory required for XP is 128 Megs.
And this license bullsh*t is just an insult to the consumers.
Thank the Heavens for Linux!

-- Ted

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