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SubjectRe: Maintainers master list?
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Love <> writes:

Robert> me. I took issue with the MAINTAINERS file when Eric brought
Robert> it up originally. However, I don't think drastic measures
Robert> need to be taken. I have seen a lot of ideas, including
Robert> Meta-data in the kernel source.

Robert> What I think we need is the simple solution: find a maintainer
Robert> for the file, cleanup the current cruft and misinformation,
Robert> and then actively work to keep the file current. I am willing
Robert> to be this maintainer.

A good place to start would be to write a script that checks the email
addresses listed in there for bounces say every 6 months (not too
often or people will get grumphy). Oh and maybe include the data about
the person so he/she can verify it's ok, maybe this way we can get
forget this meta-data sillyness.

Robert> I am not a major "maintainer" in the kernel, but I have and do
Robert> contribute. Thus I think this is a good task for me. I am
Robert> willing and wanting to do this. Comments?

Well, you'd become the maintainer maintainer. Thats worth a slot in
the MAINTAINERS file ;-)

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