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SubjectRE: Maintainers master list?

>What happens now when somebody takes over responsibility for a file
>or subsystem and the MAINTAINERS file doesn't get patched, either because
>that person forgets to send a MAINTAINERS update or Linus doesn't
>happen to take the MAINTAINERS patch for a while?

>What happens when I look at a file and it's not obvious which
>subsystem it belongs to? Sure, I can grovel through MAINTAINERS. But
>how do I know which verbal description matches the function of the
>cryptically-commented or uncommented code I have in front of me?

>Distributed-information problems need distributed-information
>solutions. Locality is your friend. This crowd should know that
>if anybody should.

I'll throw this back out again, and if you all are not interested, drop it
if you want. I am looking for places and points to help out where I see
issues come up several times, and this is one I have seen occasionally. I am
not advocating Eric's proposal for sweeping maintainer's changes, though I
respect Eric, and all the developers work. How about starting with a simple
MAINTAINERS file maintainer? Someone to actively follow project developers
and contact info? Not a small or simple project, I understand, but maybe a
central point to send patches to Linus for the Maintainers file? Just my
two cents, on a Tuesday :o)

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