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Subjectbad file descriptor
Hello all,
i am facing a problem on my Red Hat Linux 6.2 machine. When i
boot in my Linux box it boot properly till it reaches the stage
where it says "Press I for interactive setup"
From there it starts giving me errors like this : -
Mounting proc file system dup2 : Bad File Descriptor [FAILED]
Configuring kernel parameters dup2 : Bad File Descriptor [FAILED]
Loading default keymap/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit : /dev/null : read only
file system
Activating swap partition dup2 : Bad File Descriptor [FAILED]
Seting hostname localhost.localdomain : Bad File Descriptor [FAILED]
Checking root filesystem : Bad File Descriptor [FAILED]

An error occured during file system check
For maintance mode give password [ctrl-d for normal setup]

when I give root password i can log in as single user and it gives
this message the moment I log in:

bash: /dev/null :Read only file system
kcd : cannot create file /root/.kcd.newdir
Broken pipe.

When i press ctrl-D for normal login the machine reboots.
I tried running fsck, e2fsck, checked for bad blocks and made force
checking too. still the problem is not solved.
This system was running perfectly for 6-7 months.
Please help.
thanks in advance and waiting for the reply.
Best regards,

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