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    SubjectRe: unregistered changes to the user<->kernel API
    Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 01:25:10PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > > They don't hurt but it's also a bad precedent - you don't want to add a
    > > ton of CONFIG_xxx to the Linus tree for stuff outside the Linus tree.
    > > disagree with this patch.
    > If tux will ever be merged into mainline eventually I don't think
    > there's a value in defer such bit. Of course if tux will never get
    > merged then I totally agree with you.

    You're missing the point -- it's a bad precedent.

    How many kernel forks and patches exist out there on the net?

    Many of these patches will get merged eventually. But it is a bad idea
    to include bits of such into the Linus tree, when they are not used in
    the Linus tree.

    -Exceptions- to this policy should be carefully considered... reserving
    syscall and sysctl numbers certainly makes sense. Bloating kernel_stat
    with tons of unused numbers, some specific to web servers AFAICS, does
    not make sense.

    Tangent: Why is this webserver-specific crap in kernel_stat anyway? It
    looks like there should be a separate per-cpu structure for webserver

    > + unsigned int parse_static_incomplete;
    > + unsigned int parse_static_redirect;
    > + unsigned int parse_static_cachemiss;
    > + unsigned int parse_static_nooutput;
    > + unsigned int parse_static_normal;
    > + unsigned int parse_dynamic_incomplete;
    > + unsigned int parse_dynamic_redirect;
    > + unsigned int parse_dynamic_cachemiss;
    > + unsigned int parse_dynamic_nooutput;
    > + unsigned int parse_dynamic_normal;
    > + unsigned int complete_parsing;
    > +
    > + unsigned int nr_keepalive_reqs;
    > + unsigned int nr_nonkeepalive_reqs;
    > +#define KEEPALIVE_HIST_SIZE 100
    > + unsigned int keepalive_hist[KEEPALIVE_HIST_SIZE];

    Even when merging Tux, I would hope Linus would not apply this
    particular change.


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