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Subject[PATCH] General race condition with init thread may prematurely free start_kernel
(Please CC replies to me, I'm not subscribed to lkml.)

I think I've found a bug, local to linux/init/main.c, related to
freeing init pages, which seems to be present in 2.4.5.

Executive summary: After start_kernel has created the init
thread, it needs to proceed to cpu_idle before init pages are
free:d, since it's __init-marked. But if the init thread is
scheduled to run before the parent thread, and in turn its call
to do_basic_setup returns quickly, start_kernel will be
free_initmem:d before that thread has proceeded to cpu_idle.
Boom. Patch at end.

Somewhat lengthier description and analysis: I found this out
the hard way when fixing free_initmem (and the linker script) in
Linux/CRIS. In linux/init/main.c it looks as follows at a
conceptual level:

void __init start_kernel()
kernel_thread (init, NULL, CLONE_FS | CLONE_FILES | CLONE_SIGNAL);
current->need_resched = 1;

Correspondingly, the function init looks as follows:

static int init(void * unused)

... start up /bin/init or whatever ...

And do_basic_setup looks like this:

static void __init do_basic_setup(void)
baz_init ();
... more *_init() calls ...

... mount root fs ...

If nothing in do_basic_setup causes rescheduling, it might
(depending on e.g. timing) return before the parent has
proceeded to call cpu_idle, from which it never returns. If so,
free_initmem will be called, freeing among others start_kernel.
Later, when the parent thread is scheduled to run and returns
from the kernel_thread call, it will execute in unmapped memory.
Bad: will crash, perhaps depending on that memory being recycled
and modified.

Normally, mounting the root fs involves mechanical disks or
network activity or other stuff that causes I/O or takes time.
Then rescheduling will cause the parent thread to resume to
safety before do_basic_setup returns. You're most likely to see
the race problem on platforms with a solid-state root fs.

Analysis sanity-checked with Repeatable on an
"Axis Developer Board LX" (with patches to fix the linker script
and remove the #if 0:s from linux/arch/cris/mm/init.c; contact
me if you actually need to do this).

One solution is to break out the last piece of start_kernel to a
non-__init function as follows. The patch is against 2.4.5.

2001-06-12 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>

* linux/init/main.c (rest_init): New, broken out from start_kernel.

--- linux/init/main.c.original Tue May 22 18:35:42 2001
+++ linux/init/main.c Wed Jun 13 01:20:54 2001
@@ -502,6 +502,21 @@ static void __init smp_init(void)

+ * We need to finalize in a non-__init function or else race conditions
+ * between the root thread and the init thread may cause start_kernel to
+ * be reaped by free_initmem before the root thread has proceeded to
+ * cpu_idle.
+ */
+static void rest_init(void)
+ kernel_thread(init, NULL, CLONE_FS | CLONE_FILES | CLONE_SIGNAL);
+ unlock_kernel();
+ current->need_resched = 1;
+ cpu_idle();
* Activate the first processor.

@@ -583,10 +598,7 @@ asmlinkage void __init start_kernel(void
* make syscalls (and thus be locked).
- kernel_thread(init, NULL, CLONE_FS | CLONE_FILES | CLONE_SIGNAL);
- unlock_kernel();
- current->need_resched = 1;
- cpu_idle();
+ rest_init();

brgds, H-P
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