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Subjectprocess table fills with DN state when nfs connection is lost
hi *

I have a network with a different linux system hat exports a few dirs to
this system.

what happens is this : the other system reboots into windows o the nfs
connection gets lost. however, what happens is that now the process
table starts to fill with cron initiated mrtg calls and all get the DN
state in ps aux.

now, the load goes up and when I came home it was at 144 already. I
stopped cron, unable to kill off the mrtg calls. I then re-established
the nfs connection by rebooting the windows back to linux; I then could
umount the nfs shares and guess what happened -- all DN processes went
ayway and the system load back to normal.

it seems that some things block in the kernel when the nfs stuff is
failed. is this right ? is my setup incorrect or what ?


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