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SubjectRe: inserting a Forth-like language into the Linux kernel
kspamd/H3sm is now making continuous writes to tty1 from an 
in-kernel thread. It was locking on a write to /dev/console by
init, so I made /dev/console a plain file. This is after
hollowing out sys_syslog to be a null routine, and various
other minor destruction.

I am now typing at you on tty4 or so while the kernel itself
sends an endless stream of d's to tty1. It will scroll-lock
and un-scroll-lock, which is how I can tell it's not just a
static screen of d's.

I don't know about H1 S&M, but the ability to open a tty
normally directly into kernelspace may prove popular, particularly
with a Forth on that tty in that kernelspace. Persons with actual
kernel clue may want to look at allowing /dev/console users and
an in-kernel tty user to play nice. For my purposes I'll do without
a real /dev/console and syslogging for now.

Now I get to find out how many worlds of trouble I didn't foresee
in _reading_ a tty from the kernel :o)

If someone knows of another example of interpreter-like behavior
directly in a unix in-kernel thread I'd like to know about it.

Rick Hohensee
The userland H3sm is in
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